Multi colored glycerin soap

How do you make multi colored soap? Step by step instruction for beginners

These are my first multi colored soap and I would not have thought that making multi colored soaps is so simple. It is also a great experience for kids who can mix, drop dye and aroma, pleasure for the senses of sight and smell. You can use silicone muffin form, ice mold or chocolate box packaging. All necessary ingredients can be bought in the online stores.

Multi colored glycerin soaps
Crystal-shaped glycerin soaps

Supplies and ingredients for multi colored glycerin soaps

  • Glycerin soap base – I used about 200g
  • Dyes for glycerin base – I have 3 basic colors, the others are from combining the base colors
  • Aromas – my kids love the bubble gum aroma, I also used the citrus and rose aromas
  • Form – I used silicone muffin mold, an ice mold with party people and a chocolate box insert
  • Knife – to cut the soap base
  • A dish – one that you can use in the microwave
  • Mixing stick
  • Microwave – if you do not have a microwave, you can also dissolve the soap base in a traditional water bath.
Supplies for glycerin soap

How do you make multi colored soap?

The first step is to dissolve the soap base. If you want to know the exact amount you need, you can measure it with water. Pour water into the mold, weigh water, add 10% and prepare this amount of soap base. Then cut the base into cubes and heat in the microwave. The length of heating depends on the amount of base. I heated for 30 seconds at the power of 360W. If necessary, heat it for several seconds more.

Diced glycerin soap base
Dissolved soap base, dye and aromat

How do you add color to glycerin soap?

The next step is coloring the glycerin base. The dyes are very strong, hence add 1-2 drops and mix to check the color.

Making soaps in many colors is a great fun for kids, so they can learn how to mix primary colors to get more colors.

Adding dye to the dissolved soap base
Adding dye to the dissolved soap base

How do you add aroma to glycerin soap?

Then it’s time for the aroma, for which I don’t have a perfect way yet. Our soaps have a very delicate aroma, so I probably didn’t add enough. When the base is warm, a strong smell arises, but when it solidifies, it becomes much weaker. I gave about 5 drops per 100g of base, next time I will try to add more 🙂

Adding aroma to the dissolved soap base

What form to use to make soaps?

You can use molds that you already have at home. These can be silicone muffin forms, ice molds or chocolate box packaging.

Now all that is left is to pour the liquid soap into the mold and leave it to harden. In the case of glycerin base it takes from a few to several minutes depending on size of soap and the temperature.

Pouring dissolved soap into a mold
Hardened glycerin soaps in the form

When the mass hardens, remove the soaps from the mold. Nicely wrapped, they can be a gift for mother, grandmother or friend.

Crystal-shaped glycerin soaps
Multi colored glycerin soaps
Multi colored glycerin soaps

How to make rose glycerin soaps?

The way of making soaps is always similar, only the colors, aromas and molds change. Rose soap got an additional ornament in the form of a slice of loofah. Finally, it received a stalk in the form of a skewer stick and leaves in the form of a green ribbon. Such a flower is an idea for a gift for all occasions 🙂

Rose glycerin soap

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