Floral mosaic for a Teacher

Floral mosaic for a Teacher

Teacher’s Day is coming and so does the question what to give to the teachers on their day. Once again, we decided to give a group gift so that each child would contribute. This year’s idea is a floral mosaic, thanks to which each preschooler gives his/her flower. The floral mosaic is easy to make for both kids and the person completing the project.

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  • Colored paper
  • Frame
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Supplies for floral mosaic for a Teacher

Preparation of materials for kids

The first step is to prepare materials for children. 24 preschoolers took part in our project. Unfortunately I did not find frames in size 40x60cm. I decided on a 30x40cm frame. This introduced a small difficulty in the form of rectangular tiles, which in turn forces drawing vertically. When dividing into 24 parts, the format of one tile was 6.7×7.5cm.

Now it’s time to hand out the cards to kids and wait for the work of small artists.

Pieces of paper for small artists

Completing of floral mosaic

Once you manage to collect all the works, which is not as easy as it seems, proceed to completing the floral mosaic.

Flowers for a Teacher

This task is a real pleasure. Just arrange all the drawings and glue them to the base. I used the sheet that was in the frame, but you can use any base, it is not visible in the final work.

The coolest thing is to look at the kids’ drawings and see the progress they have made since last year.

Finally mount the frame and the group gift for your teacher is ready.

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