garden house for kids

Garden playhouse for kids with rainbow sloping roof

We present our idea for a garden house for kids with a sloping roof. It looks a bit like old “Brda” type Polish summer houses. Initially, our plan assumed that the side of the house would be even more open. But during construction, one by one we gave up on further quirks 😅

The house has two sloping walls made of plexiglass and a back wall made of boards. There is no front at all and there is free entry. There is no floor either, it stands on artificial grass.

We covered one of the walls with colored foil, thanks to which the sun creates a colorful mosaic inside. Sticking the foil turned out to be quite difficult and there are a lot of air bubbles, but you can’t see it from a distance 😂.

Polska wersja: Domek ogrodowy dla dzieci

Materials used

  • Wood beams
  • Polycarbonate
  • Wood screws
  • Transparent self-adhesive foil – I used ORACAL 8300 foil. I bought it in Polish online store, however I got hint in our social media that it is also available here. I used 8 sheets of 100cm x 50cm in colors: 32 Lightred, 97 Bluegreen, 41 Pink, 40 Violet, 56 Iceblue, 21 Yellow, 24 Orange, 63 Limetree green

The next stages of creating our garden house

Kids’ grandfather helped us build the house, so we don’t have detailed photos of each stage. Grandpa built the structure, we painted it and covered the polycarbonate roof with colored foil.

Our garden house for kids with a sloping roof

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