Hama beads birthday cards

Hama beads birthday cards

We are starting the birthday season in kindergarten. Traditionally, instead of buying, I decided to make hama beads birthday cards together with my kids. The daughter chose the colors of the beads with great care, so that each kid had its favorite color. At first I didn’t understand it, but everything became clear when the recipients happily shouted “Green! My favorite!”

Hama beads birthday cards are very simple to make and involve children to a great extent. You can use things that are at home, so it is also an option for forgetful ones 🙂

Hama beads birthday cards


  • Hama beads with base
  • Cards – white or colored from cardboard or drawing sheets
  • Paper glue
  • Universal glue
  • Spray glitter – optional
  • Printed wishes – if you don’t have a printer at home, you can also do handwriting
Supplies for hama beads birthday cards

Making gifts pattern from hama beads

The first step is to make gifts using hama beads. The pattern is very simple and you can adjust the size to the layout of the card. It can be one big gift or several smaller ones. We decided to have two presents side by side. We used a heart-shaped board so that the beads imitating the bow were closer together.

Hama bead gift pattern

Finally, iron through baking paper until all the beads are joined together.

How to make a birthday card from hama beads?

Start with preparing the card base. It’s best to make a base from a cardboard paper, but if you don’t have one, the drawing sheet will also work. Cut the right size and bend it in half.

Then prepare small pieces with greetings. You can print or write directly on a card’s base.

Making birthday cards with hama beads

On the first page, glue the beads and greetings. I used universal glue for the beads and paper glue for greetings.

The last phase is spraying the card with glitter spray. Thanks to this, the card shimmers and gets some magic.

Card sprayed with brocade

Hama beads birthday cards are ready, fill in the wishes in the middle and put the card in the envelope.

Hama beads birthday cards
Hama beads birthday cards

Inspiration found on Pinterest.

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