Hexagonal mosaic with reindeer moss done in Czwórka Polish Radio

Hexagonal mosaic with moss

In this post we will unveil the backstage of preparations for creating a hexagonal mosaic with a scratch, which we made during broadcast in the 4th channel of Polish Radio. The mosaic consists of 8 honeycombs made of large popsicle sticks painted black. In addition, we filled 3 modules with the reindeer moss. In this way, we created spatial and modern decoration – the hexagonal mosaic with moss.

Hexagonal frame with reindeer moss
Hexagonal mosaic with reindeer moss done in Czwórka Polish Radio

Materials needed to make hexagonal mosaic with moss

  • Large popsicle sticks – 15cm long, we used about 75 pieces
  • Reindeer moss – about 100g per module, we used a little over half a half-kilo packaging
  • Spray paint – optional, you can also make out of natural sticks
  • Hot glue
  • Cardboard – for use as a back side of moss modules
  • Scissors
Supplies for hexagonal mosaic with reindeer moss

Painting popsicle sticks

We started preparations by painting popsicle sticks with black spray paint bought at a DIY store. We applied 2 layers on the top side of sticks and one layer on the sides.

Preparation of the template

The next step was to prepare a regular hexagon template. It is very important that it was a regular hexagon, because the mosaic consists of several modules and must be symmetrical to fit together.

Unfortunately, the hexagon out of large popsicle sticks does not fit on A4 sheet, which is why we have prepared the largest possible figure for printing. Then, based on it, we arranged a hexagon of sticks and traced it on an A3 sheet. This is how the perfect template was created.

Constructing hexagon out of popsicle sticks

Layout selection

During preparation stage, we considered various layouts and the number of frames and modules with moss to get the ideal composition.

Hexagonal mosaic patterns

At home, we tested composition without glue, simulating the situation that awaited us on the radio. In both the tests and in the radio, we started with the preparation of 2 separate mosaics of 3 modules, and then combined them into one large mosaic of 8 modules.

Hexagonal mosaic
Hexagonal mosaic

The next step was to determine where the moss modules will be. We decided that with 8 honeycombs, 3 moss modules will fit perfectly.

Hexagonal mosaic with reindeer moss

Hexagonal mosaic with moss

If you understand Polish you can listen to the details of our performance in the Czwórka Polskie Radio broadcast – we start in 14 minutes.

In the heat of the radio fight, we didn’t make any photos of the complete mosaic. Instead, we attach photos of one moss module.

When you make a mosaic, first start by creating the whole structure, and then proceed to building a thicker frame in places where you plan to attach moss. If you see places where the construction is too thin, stick another layer of popsicle sticks.

This is how one honeycomb moss module looks like.

Hexagonal frame with reindeer moss

How to make a hexagonal frame with moss?

Here you can read how to create a natural color frame from small and unpainted ice cream sticks.

Hexagonal frame with reindeer lichen

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