Horse with beautiful mane – crochet it!

Is here a person, who thinks that horses are not beautiful? They have always amazed me, although I have never ridden a horse (or maybe should I try it? 🙂 ). The hero of today’s post was made on a special request of little Rysio, who loves horses as much as monkeys (yes, I crocheted the monkey for him as well, check it here).

The pattern on the basis of which the crochet horse was created is quite universal, because it can also be used to create a zebra (still toy hit for my Victoria) and a colorful unicorn. You have to try! 🙂

Horse with teddy bear

Horse – what is needed to crochet?

  • Crochet pattern from Kristel Droog (Mykrissiedolls), which can be bought here. There is an tutorial, how to change pattern to crochet zebra or unicorn. The pattern is available on etsy as well.
  • Yarn, I used YarnArt Jeans Plus in colors: dark cream (48), light cream (05), brown (70), white (62)
  • Hook, I used 3,5 mm
  • Safe eyes,
  • Fiberfill,
  • Scissors,
  • Comb for combing the mane and tail
  • Yarn needle
Horse - final effect

Final effect

The crochet pattern is really well written and based on it you can crochet the horse quickly and easily. Considering the freedom of choosing the color, you can create really beautiful mascots. As I wrote above, you can also create a zebra or a unicorn from the same pattern. Only the last one is missing from our home collection 🙂

The horse is quite big, about 40 cm tall, although it all depends on the yarn we want to use for crochet such a horse from. Undoubtedly, the mane adds charm to it, although it requires quite a lot of work. It is time-consuming to make because the threads are woven one at a time. But it’s really worth it, because the wow effect is guaranteed 🙂 For both the mane and the tail, I combed the yarn threads to make them fluffy. Assess the final effect for yourself, which I personally like 🙂

Horse with beautiful mane

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