Mother's Day card DIY

Mother’s day card with lilac twigs and wooden door

Ever since I came into possession of a decorative hole punch in the shape of a flower, I have followed the idea of making a card with lilac twigs. In addition, the floorboard template inspired me to make a background in the form of old wooden doors. This is how this Mother’s Day card was created. This is my debut when it comes to floral cards and I have been improving my idea for a long time. Despite this, I’m still not completely satisfied with the effect, but practice makes perfect 🙂

Mother's Day card

Materials that you need to make a lilac card

  • A4 cardboard sheet
  • A sheet of colored paper – I decided on light purple
  • Self-adhesive crystals in the color of paper
  • Paper with a wood texture
  • A decorative hole punch in the shape of a flower
  • Markers
  • Paper glue
  • Scissors

Making of the Mother’s Day card with lilac twigs

Begin with preparing the card base, which can be made out of cardboard paper or special decorative paper.

The next step is to cut cardboard with wood texture into stripes and stick them on the card base.

Making the wooden door

Then, with a decorative hole punch, cut a lot of flowers and glue them on the door so that they form the shape of lilac twigs.

Gluing the lilac flower petals

In my initial plans it was the end, but the card looked really poor. I started the process of embellishing 🙂 First, I applied the self-adhesive crystals.

Sticking purple crystals

There was still something missing, so with the purple marker I colored the edges of the petals slightly diverging them from the paper.

Coloring the edges of lilac petals

In addition, I colored pearls imitating nails.

Coloring pearls imitating nails

Finally, I printed and stuck the inscription “Happy Mother’s Day”. You can also write it by hand.

This is how the Mother’s Day card with lilac twigs looks like. I encourage you to make the card yourself. It is a nice activity and the recipient will definitely appreciate the unique gift 🙂

Mother's Day card

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