Rainbow gymnastics ribbon

Rainbow gymnastics ribbon DIY

Together with my kiddos we have just watched the adventures of Dora the Gymnast. The highlight of the program was the rainbow gymnastics ribbon, so my girls really wanted to have such ribbons for themselves. I didn’t have fabric dyes in stock, so we started dyeing with crepe paper. The ribbon is very pastel, but the fun is great, take a look 🙂

Materials for the rainbow gymnastics ribbon

  • White or color ribbon. White for dyeing, and colorful for immediate fixing.
  • Plastic stick empty inside – I used a reusable drinking straw
  • Twine
  • Bead

For dyeing

  • Dyes for fabrics, and in the absence of them color crepe paper
  • Jars
  • Water
Materials for rainbow gymnastics ribbon

Coloring the ribbon

Undoubtedly, dyes for fabrics would be best to dye the ribbon. However, if you don’t have any, you can try differently. Coloring with crepe paper is not perfect because the colors come out pastel. Perhaps I gave too little paper, it is worth figuring out.

  1. Put color paper in jars
  2. Measure the ribbon so that it enters each jar
  3. Pour water in
  4. Wait for it to dye
  5. Remove the ribbon to dry

Making of the rainbow gymnastic ribbon

Once you have the rainbow ribbon, making the rest is very easy. Just pull the string through the plastic straw. Tie a bead at one end and a rainbow ribbon at the other.

Making of rainbow gymnastics ribbon
Making of rainbow gymnastics ribbon

The rainbow gymnastics ribbon is ready and can be used to play and dance.

Rainbow gymnastics ribbon

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