Natural Christmas tree decorations made of cones, nuts and acorns

Today, our autumn stocks of pine cones, acorns, walnuts, beech and ambergris fruits went into action. The girls and I treated the pine cones with glitter, the nuts and acorns we painted gold, and the ambergris and beech berries I treated with gold spray. This is how we created natural Christmas tree decorations.

I learned about the existence of ambergris quite recently, when I saw unusual spiky fruits in front of the office. At first I thought it was a variety of plane tree, but Google said it was American ambergris. As a test, I made 2 balls gold and hang them on the Christmas tree. A few more are waiting for future projects.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Naturalne ozdoby na choinkę z szyszek, orzechów i żołędzi

For natural Christmas tree decorations you will need

  • Pine cones, acorns, walnuts, beech and ambergris fruits
  • Gold acrylic paint and a brush – gold spray paint may be optional, however, walnuts are easier to paint with acrylic paint than to cover them thoroughly with paint spray.
  • Twine
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Golden walnuts and acorns

Golden acrylic paint covers walnuts very nicely. Just one layer is enough and the nuts look great. However, acorns even after 2 layers look average and you can see streaks, maybe it’s worth painting 3 layers. We stopped at two. In addition, I painted some of the hats white, but I definitely prefer natural hats.

The pendants are made of jute twine, I glued the string to the nuts with hot glue.

Glitter pine cones

First, my daughter and I applied glue to each cone scale, and then sprinkled glitter. It is worth having two bowls and sprinkling the pine cone with the glitter that will fall, because the first time it is difficult to cover the pine cone thoroughly.

Beech and ambergris fruits

I treated ambergris and beech trees with gold spray and hung them on the Christmas tree. They are a bit lost in the depths of the other decorations, so they will probably find their place in other Christmas projects 🙂

Natural Christmas tree decorations made of cones, nuts and acorns

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