Pom pom Christmas baubles

Pom pom Christmas baubles DIY

We take a timid approach to creating recycled Christmas decorations, these are pom pom Christmas baubles. The pom poms are brand new, while the pom pom mounts are caps painted in gold. What do you think about such decorations?

🇵🇱 Polish version: Bombki z pomponów i nakrętek

Pom pom Christmas baubles

Supplies for pom pom Christmas baubles

  • Yarn
  • Pom pom maker or cardboard circles (detailed tutorial on how to make pom poms is here)
  • Caps
  • Golden string
  • Gold spray paint
  • Scissors
Supplies for pom pom Christmas baubles

How to make recycled Christmas decorations?

At the beginning, you should prepare the caps that will imitate the pendant of the Christmas balls. Make a hole with scissors, then paint with gold spray paint.

The next step is to make pom poms. My favorite method is using the pom poms maker, but equally nice pom poms can be made on cardboard circles. Check out our methods and choose the one that suits you the best 🙂

Before you remove the pom pom from the circle, additionally tie it with gold string.

Making pom pom

Then trim the pom pom to make it a perfectly spherical shape.

Making pom pom

The last step is to attach the golden cap that imitates a metal pendant from a classic glass bauble.

Pom pom Christmas baubles

Repeat the same steps to create more Christmas baubles 🙂

Pom pom Christmas baubles
Pom pom Christmas baubles

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