Pebble and sea glass boats

Pebble and sea glass art

Since being a kid I was fascinated by color glass polished by the sea. I collected as if it was the greatest treasure, but my treasure never survived longer than the summer adventure. Now the time has come when my precious sea glass turned into pebble and sea glass art. I especially recommend it as an activity with children who can take part in the entire manufacturing process from collecting materials to creating their own compositions.

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  • Sea glass, pebbles, sticks found at the seaside
  • Frame
  • Glue
Supplies for sea glass art

Preparations and collection of materials

There are two approaches to the topic, actually three 🙂

  1. First you can collect pebbles and sea glass and then create a composition using what you found. The spontaneous option is especially recommended for children because they can let their imagination run wild 🙂
  2. Second you can start by thinking of what you want to create and then look for matching materials. With this variant, it is difficult to free yourself from the images you saw earlier and then create something completely new.
  3. The third option, which combines the previous two. So at the beginning you already know what you want to do and you collect materials for it, but you collect a little more. Later at home, you look what you can do besides what you planned.
The Baltic Sea


I looked for inspirations at Pinterest. I dreamed about lighthouse and whale tail, but I didn’t find the fitting pebbles and sea glass. The ones I was able to make were based on: bay with boats, gulls on the breakwater.

For children, the cool ones are: turtle, octopus, fish.

My daughter made the one below herself. An interesting fact is that she also found a large yellow sea glass herself. The picture is entitled “Worms at work”.

Worms at work

Making of pebble and sea glass art project

First you look for the best composition using materials you collected. If you work with sticks, you can cut them a little to make them fit perfectly. Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the picture, proceed to sticking. Then leave to dry.

Pebbles and sea glass art frames are ready 🙂 Now hang on the wall or put on a shelf.

Pebble and sea glass whale
Pebble crab
Pebble and sea glass boats
Worms at work
Gulls on the breakwater

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