Beth Harmon out of Hama beads

“Queen’s gambit” and Hama bead portrait of Beth Harmon

The end of the year is marked by Hama beads. After the Professor from the “Money heist” series, it is time for Beth Harmon, the heroine of the Netflix hit. “Queen’s gambit” is an immersive miniseries about a genius chess player based on the novel by Walter Tevis. Thanks to this production, chess returns to favor, and its sales break records all over the world. We also have a chess accent and this is how the Beth Harmon portrait was created from Hama beads 😀

🇵🇱 Wersja po polsku: „Gambit królowej” i Beth Harmon z koralików Hama

Beth Harmon out of Hama beads


  • Hama beads:
    • Hair: dark brown, light brown (207-76), caramel and orange/
    • Face: skin color (207-78), beige (207-27), dark brown, dark red (207-22), white, black.
    • Neck and blouse: beige (207-27), cream (207-02), navy blue (207-08).
    • Chess board background: white, black.
  • 4 square boards that can be combined
  • Baking paper and an iron
  • Frame
  • Hama bead template of Beth Harmon
Hama bead Beth Harmon template

Making of Beth Harmon out of perler beads

This time I did not arrange in rows, but started with the hair and then moved to the face. Finally, I made the chess board background and clothes.

Hama beads
Hair out of Hama beads
Making of Hama beads portrait
Beth Harmon out of Hama beads

Finally, iron the beads through baking paper. Set the maximum temperature and slide several times till the beads melt together.

Ironing of perler beads

Beth Harmon is ready!

Beth Harmon out of Hama beads

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