Tangled image out of perler beads

Tangled image out of perler beads

Beads and princesses are the perfect combination, guaranteeing fun and commitment of girls. Staying in a fairy-tale aura, I wanted to create something bigger and more ambitious. Therefore, I’ve decided on the Tangled image in the shape of the sun, which is the symbol of Rapunzel’s country.

The Tangled image shows a scene when the missing princess and Flynn release a lantern from a boat. In the background there is the castle of Rapunzel’s parents. In the sky there are other lanterns that the inhabitants of Crown release to celebrate the birthday of the princess.

The image turned out to be a big challenge and the whole family was engaged for several days.


  • Hama midi beads in colors: black 207-18, navy blue 207-08, turquoise 207-49, light turquoise 207-31, pastel pink 207-48, pastel purple 207-45, pastel yellow 207-43, yellow 207-03, white 207-01
  • 4 boards that can be combined in the shape of a large square (code 234)
  • Wooden frame 70×70 cm
  • An iron and baking paper
  • Hot glue
Supplies for Tangled image out of perler beads

Making of Tangled image out of perler beads

I used the cross stitch pattern that I found on Pinterest. I made small changes in it, mainly in the shape of a gondola.

Day after day we were producing sun rays.

The center piece was the middle of the sun.

Family perler bead activity
Center piece of Tangled image

By default, each element should be ironed through baking paper to connect the beads.

Ironing of perler beads

Once we had all the elements we tried to arrange the image and then glue it on the frame.

Tangled image out of perler beads
Tangled image out of perler beads

Tangled image will hang in the room of an older daughter above the desk.

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