Hexagonal frame with reindeer lichen

Hexagonal frame with reindeer moss – modern and simple DIY

After the adventure with the forest in a jar, a few scraps of reindeer moss winked at me from time to time as if urging me to act. Coincidence caused that on the haart.pl blog among the ideas for grandma’s day I saw a frame with a moss. I followed this lead and decided to construct a frame myself, preferably a hexagonal one. That’s how I came with an idea for the hexagonal frame with reindeer moss.

You will need

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Reindeer moss – 50g are enough for the frame out of small popsicle sticks
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
Supplies for hexagonal frame with reindeer lichen

Making of hexagonal frame with reindeer moss

The frame consists of several layers of glued popsicle sticks. Each layer consists of 3 sticks with gaps between them. To get the shape of a regular hexagon, the sides must be parallel. Therefore, start by laying the figure, and once you reach the desired shape, proceed to sticking on the tips of the sticks. The number of layers depends on your preference for thickness, my frame has 8 layers.

Then cut out the cardboard base and stick to the bottom layer of sticks.

Preparing and gluing the base

What’s a reindeer moss

The reindeer moss is an interesting case because it is not moss at all, as some describe it, but lichen. The ones we can buy in Poland come mainly from Scandinavia. You can read more about reindeer lichen in Wikipedia. Reindeer moss is often sold with needles and other parts of the forest floor, so it should be cleaned before use.

Gluing the reindeer moss

At the end the most pleasant part, i.e. arranging the moss. Start by sticking the prettiest fragments, and then hide the clearances with less spectacular parts of moss.

The hexagonal frame with reindeer moss is ready. You can put it on a shelf or stick it to the wall with double-sided tape.

Hexagonal frame with reindeer lichen
Hexagonal frame with reindeer lichen

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