Bow tie for father and son

This year, on the 23rd of June, apart from Father’s Day we were also celebrating the Baptism of our CEO 😉 In connection with the above, the stylish outfit and common element for father and son could not be missing 🙂 I sewed pants with suspenders and the little bow tie for this special occasion. Unfortunately, as it often happens with this type of projects with deadline I had to sew at night. That’s why I don’t have any photos to prepare tutorial for pants with suspenders. However, it was my first time when I made sewing pattern on my own by tracing the old pants. I have to admit immodestly, that it worked out pretty well. My plan is to repeat this feat and prepare step-by-step tutorial in the nearest future 🙂

It is important to add, that at this ceremony we had the best photographer in the world 🙂 I definitely recommend Przemek from Semimatt. Main photo and the photo gallery at the end of this post came from his camera 🙂 Meanwhile I’ll present step-by-step tutorial how to sew a bow tie for father and son 🙂

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You’ll need

  • 20 cm of cotton woven fabric
  • 30 cm of elastic with width equal to 0,5 cm
  • velcro or metal clasp (in father’s version of bow tie)

How to do it?

  • First of all cut rectangles with dimentions respectively:
    • for baby: 16×10 cm and 2,5×6 cm
    • for adult: 26×18 cm and 3,5×7 cm
  • Afterwards the big rectangles fold on longer edge, right sides together and sew.
  • Turn the right side out.
  • In the next step fold on half on shorter edge and sew.
  • Turn out in such a way, that stitches are inside. Tie the center using twine or thread.
  • At the end, repeat all steps for small rectangles, from which buckles will be formed to tie the bow tie.
  • Sew an elastic band to the baby’s bow tie. In the adult version, sew a belt with a metal clasp or velcro. I used the clasp from an old, unused bow tie.

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