Dali mask out of perler beads

Dali mask out of perler beads for “La casa de papel” fans

What to do when you finished watching the last episode of the fourth season of the series “La casa de papel”? Still humming “O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao”? The Dali mask out of perler beads will let you gather your thoughts and will look beautiful on the wall. This is a real treat for fans of the series, and you can do it yourself. In this post you will find a free template, so get it started!

Dali mask out of perler beads


  • Perler beads in the following colors: red, black, dark brown, light brown, cream and caramel (I used gold)
  • 2 square boards that can be combined
  • Baking paper and an iron
  • Frame
  • Template for making a Dali mask
Free perler bead pattern of Dali mask from La casa de papel

Making of Dali mask out of perler beads

With a ready template, the task is a bit easier, although it still requires concentration and a lot of patience. There are several methods for arranging beads, they can be arranged in colors or rows. When I arrange from a template, I prefer to do it in rows, i.e. I start from the top row and arrange the beads in order.

This time I didn’t have a template and I tried to arranged beads based on the Dali mask graphics found on Google. I started with the face, actually with eyebrows and mustaches. The hardest part was the hood, so that the whole image could fit on 2 boards. At one point I was about to expand the area, but the boards I have are not compatible and it would not work evenly, so I stayed with 2 boards.

Finally, iron the beads through baking paper and it’s ready!

Ironed Dali mask

The Dali mask will look perfect in a black frame with white or police background. The police background can be downloaded below and it fits perfectly with the Dali mask made based on my template.

Dali mask out of perler beads

Bella ciao

Did you know that the song Bella ciao is an Italian song that was created around 1942 by Italian anti-fascist guerrillas? The author remained unknown and the melody was borrowed from another Italian folk song. It is now known as an anti-fascist song and sometimes it is sung by the opposition in the Italian parliament.

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