Burned birthday card

DIY birthday card with burned corner – easy trick gives great effect

DIY birthday card with burned corner was created by a simple trick that gave a great effect. The burnt corner of the card looks as if it was burnt by birthday candles and at the same time creates space for the word “happy” underneath. Additionally, eight candles are perfect for the number of letters in the word “birthday” 😀

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Spalona kartka urodzinowa – prosty trick i mega efekt

Burned birthday card

You will need:

  • Thick sheet – for the base of the card. I used a thick sheet of 250g / m2. I used the same for a card with Harry Potter.
  • Matches and a candle
  • Washi tape – I used glitter tape in 3 colors, the width of the tape is 0.5 cm.
  • Markers – we will need yellow, orange and red to draw the flames and black to write Happy Birthday.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil – optional to sketch the letters.

How to make a birthday card with burned corner

I started to burn the corner of the card. I just set fire to the paper’s base and put it out before the fire fully started.

Burning the corner of the card

Then I stuck the pieces of glitter washi tape imitating candles. The card is for the 8th birthday, so there must be 8 candle 😁.

In the next step, I sketched the flame and came to the conclusion that the burnt is too small, so I did extra smoking time.

Burning the corner of the card

Then I made flames on the candles using markers. First a black wick, then a yellow center, then an orange layer, and then a red flame at the end.

Sticking candles out of washi tape and drawing flames

The final stage is an inscription with wishes Happy Birthday. Recently, I’m practicing lettering, so I decided on the sophisticated inscription Happy and printed letters under the candles. First I made a pencil sketch and then I wrote it with brushpen.

Sketch of the words Happy Birthday
Adding the Happy Birthday wishes

At the end, the only thing left is to erase the pencil sketch of the inscription 🙂

DIY birthday card with burned corner

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