Moss and acorn wreath

Easy moss and acorn wreath

Over the weekend, we realized that there were oaks growing near our favorite playground and that there are lots of acorns under them. We couldn’t help but take this opportunity, so we collected a whole bag of acorns and caps. Meanwhile, I was working intensively on the concept of the autumn wreath. On the next day we started to create our moss and acorn wreath 🙂

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Łatwy wianek z żołędzi i mchu

We’ve prepared the video tutorial as well 😀

Supplies for the moss and acorn wreath

  • Acorns, lots of acorns 😀
  • Reindeer moss. For this wreath I used moss, which was left after mosaics. It is 2 years old and still soft and colorful.
  • Styrofoam wreath base
  • Hot glue
  • Poster paints
  • Brushes
Supplies for the moss and acorn wreath

Preparing the acorns

The first phase is the preparation of the acorns. You should stick caps on all acorns because they like to fall off. It is best to use hot glue.

sticking acorns together
Preparation of acorns for the wreath

Preparing the wreath base

We painted green the wreath base with poster paints, so that no white gaps would be visible later.

Painting the polystyrene wreath base
Painting the polystyrene wreath base

How to make the moss and acorn wreath?

Once the acorns have their caps and the paint on the wreath base is dry, you can start working on the autumn wreath. The recipe for the success is very simple. Using hot glue stick the moss and the acorns to the polystyrene base. Initially, I planned to glue the acorns first and then fill the gaps with moss. My young helper, on the other hand, definitely preferred to stick the moss, so we took turns doing a moss fluff and a few acorns. And that seems like a better approach 🙂

After arranging the entire wreath, fill in the sides and fill the holes with moss.

The last step is to clean the garland from hot glue residue.

Moss and acorn wreath is ready!

Moss and acorn wreath
Moss and acorn wreath
Moss and acorn wreath

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