How to make card with pressed flowers

How to make a card with pressed flowers

Sometimes it takes really little to create something cool and original. A natural card with pressed flowers is a perfect example of this 😁.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Naturalna kartka z suszonymi kwiatkami

You will need

  • Pressed flowers
  • Stiff card
  • White card with printed or written wishes.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
How to make card with pressed flowers

How to press flowers?

This is my first attempt at drying flowers. We dried leaves for a herbarium in autumn and it was supposed to be easy as well, but it was much more difficult. The flowers are much delicate than the leaves and are easy to damage. Additionally, some flowers turn brown after drying (it only happened to pink flowers of azaleas).

Nevertheless, all the hints from the herbarium remain valid, that are:

  • When collecting plants, choose the healthy specimens without rot or black spots. Plants look worse after drying than before, so if something is wrong at the beginning, it will only get worse later.
  • At home, dry between sheets of paper so that the sheets can absorb moisture from the plant. Glossy magazines will not work. Excessive children’s drawings or coloring books work well, but only those that can be thrown away later. After drying, the pages are wavy, so you need to add an additional sheet before inserting plants into the book.
  • We took a piece of paper, put a leaf on it, then another sheet and a book, making kind of a sandwich. Then another leaf between the pages and the book again. This way we built a nice tower. 
  • Additionally, once a day we checked what was happening with our specimens and changed the wet sheets. We did not throw them away, but we used them the next day when they were dry again.
How to press flowers?

Natural card with pressed flowers

To make a card with pressed flowers you should:

  1. Prepare the base of the cardboard card.
  2. Stick the white card with greetings.
  3. Stick on the pressed flowers

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