Slouchy beanie for kids

The beanie season began! This fall I decided to sew smurfette hats for my kids. I found a free sewing pattern, simple tutorial and a piece of fabric at the bottom of the wardrobe. Sewing took literally few minutes and beanie is so simple to make, that possibly it will be easy even for beginners. The slouchy beanie looks equally interesting on the tiny head regardless of gender. Anyway, see for yourself 😊

What do you need?

  • free sewing pattern from Heidi&Finn. You can find there a step-by=step tutorial
  • piece of fabrics (ideally french terry or single jersey)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • baking paper 😁

How to sew slouchy beanie for kids?

After printing the sewing pattern, joining all pieces together and choosing appropriate size (it is recommended to smaller one) I put the pattern into baking paper.

In the next step I fold the fabric on half and cut particular elements from the pattern. It is worth to add that seam allowance is already included.

Slouchy beanie - free sewing pattern

Later I fold main part of the hat on half, right sides together. Then sewed both edges (together with curves up to the top).

In the next step I fold the hat on an half again, with seams in the middle. Then I sewed the whole edge from one side to the other.

In the next step I cut the strap and fold it on half, right sides together. Finally I sewed the edge. Then I pinned it to the main part of the beanie so the pattern on the fabric was matched. At the end I sewed the edge.

Slouchy beanie - almost done

The whole process from the moment of printing a sewing pattern till sewing slouchy beanie took less than 30 minutes. The hat is great, ideal for colder, autumn days. Highly recommended 😊

Slouchy beanie - final effect
Slouchy beanie

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