Climbing net DIY

Climbing net DIY

As part of decorating the room of my older daughter, we decided to make her a viewing platform 🙂 While the platform was made by a professional team, security net was made by me. In this post you can find the detail tutorial on how to make climbing net of desired dimension. Depending on the rope used, it will serve well indoors as well as outdoors.

Platform in the kid's room that requires net protection


Once the fixings are prepared, the only thing you need is a rope. I used a 10mm cotton rope because I wanted white net with a natural look. I used a 10m long rope for a 2m x 1.3m net with side finish. For the outdoor projects the synthetic rope is definitely better.

At least 2 ropes are required to make the net

Planning of climbing net construction

The project should be started by planning the construction and fixing the rope at the starting eyelet. I initially planned that each element would be a separate rope, but this would require many start and end hitches. That’s why I finally decided on 2 pieces of rope, one of which is tied to the wall in half length and runs in two horizontal sections. The second one starts at the bottom of the wall and supports vertical sections. All 3 ropes converge on the eyelet next to the stairs.

Knots and hitches required for the net

To make the net I used the net knot and the cow hitch with backup knot.

How to make the cow hitch with backup knot?

  1. Tie a simple knot ca. 70 cm from the end of the rope.
  2. Next make the cow hitch:
    1. put the rope under the fixed element/eyelet and under the other end of the rope,
    2. then over the eyelet/fixed element,
    3. and pull inward along the other end of the rope
    4. finally align and stretch.
  3. Pass the loose end through the knot, then underneath and turn inside the knot.
  4. Finally, tighten both the knot on the eyelet or fixed element to which you attach and the safety knot.

How to make the net knot?

The net knot is used to tie two perpendicular ropes.

  1. To make it, start by laying two ropes perpendicularly to each other.
  2. Then circle one rope around the other.
  3. In the next step, wrap the second rope around the first one on this side where there are two sections of the first rope next to each other.
  4. As long as the knot is loose, you can adjust its position easily by changing the rope lengths.
  5. When the knot is in the right position, tighten it by pulling the ends of both ropes.

Making of climbing net

In the case of custom-made climbing nets, each design will be different, because each space is different. Nevertheless, the rules are the same for everyone: we start with the cow hitch with backup knot, and at the intersections of ropes we make the net knots. At the end I made the simple knots and finished with the braid.

Starting the net and attaching the ropes

Making the net

Finishing the net

Climbing net DIY

My net slightly stretches to the left because there is no wall attachment on the right. I also added one more rope at the bottom of the net to “plug” the hole in the third column of the net.

Climbing net DIY
Climbing net DIY

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