How to make pom pom on a fork?

How to make pom pom on a fork?

Making pom pom on a fork is a great fun because it is pretty easy and you quickly get awesome results. The pom poms on the fork can also be made by kids with a little help from adults. We prepared for you the video tutorial and the step by step instructions. Additionally, we invite you to our comparison of the 3 methods of making pom poms.

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Pom pon on a fork

How to make pom pom on a fork – video tutorial

Pom pom on a fork

It is ideal for playing with kids and showing them the world of DIY. An example of a chicken made on the basis of such a fork pom pom is here.

  1. Begin by winding the yarn on the fork. Use the ‘toothed’ part so that there is a small gap at the beginning of the teeth. The more yarn you wove, the thicker the pumps will be.
  2. Before you remove the yarn from the fork, tie the yarn in the middle to form kind of a bow. Transfer the extra piece of yarn through the hole in the fork and tie a tight knot.
  3. Now you can take off the yarn from the fork. Cut the loops with scissors. The first version of the pompom is ready, although it still does not look too nice.
  4. At the end, the pompom goes to the hairdresser, which is children’s favorite part. The idea is to cut out protruding threads and give the pompom a nice round shape.
How to make pom poms

How to make a pom pom – comparison of 3 methods

At the beginning of my pom pom adventure, I was looking for the perfect way and prepared a comparison of the 3 methods. Depending on my needs, I use pom poms on a fork if I need small pom poms quickly and a pom pom maker if I want bigger pom poms 🙂

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