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Cloud pinata

Cloud pinata DIY

Pinatas have stolen my heart and running on the creative energy after popsicle pinata I’ve made cloud pinata. The charm of pinata is fleeting and fades with each stroke of the stick. It turns into>>>

How do you make a simple pinata? Popsicle pinata

How do you make a simple pinata?

I have always wanted to make a pinata, but there has never been a good opportunity. Until now, when in the face of pandemic, we celebrated the end of the school year in the park.>>>

Bean teepee

Bean teepee

During the lockdown we spend a lot of time in the garden. This time I wanted to try my hand at growing green beans. I decided to combine bean trellis with a kid’s hut. This>>>

Spinning perler bead hoops

Spinning perler bead hoops

Recently, our house is dominated by perler beads, every day we iron new creations. We mainly produce princesses and animals, but sometimes we happen to have other projects. At the beginning spinning perler bead hoops>>>

Bird feeder cookies

Winter is coming, and with it the frost making it harder for the birds to find food. We can help them by hanging food specially prepared for them like our bird feeder cookies 🙂 The>>>

Szukanie kryształowego skarbu - akrylowe kryształy

Crystal treasure hunt for children

Today I would like to show you how to easily make a great game for kids – crystal treasure hunt. Children love treasure hunt and to solve puzzles. It’s even more interesting when they have>>>