Frame with butterflies for a teacher

Frame with butterflies for the teacher

We are in the hot period of the end of the school year and thanking teachers for their work with our kids during the year. I would like to present you an idea for an original gift that every child participates in. That is the frame with butterflies. Each child has his or her own butterfly, a word from the wishes and the name signature.

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  • White paper sheets
  • Butterfly template (you can download below)
  • Frame (size depending on the number of butterflies)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

Making of the frame with butterflies

Preparation of butterflies

Print the butterflies template and give it to all children.

In my case, except for butterflies, each child was given one word to write from wishes sentence “Thank you for this year and for the common days during which we explored the world together” and name signature.

Collect butterflies from children and parents. This is a bit tricky task and can cause some problems, but I  have succeeded so will you 🙂


Preparation of wishes and signatures (optional)

You can focus on the butterflies themselves. However, if you want to make wishes and signatures, there are 2 solutions. The first is sticking the words of wishes and signatures you received from kids. The second option, the one chosen by me, is to scan all words. Tuning it a bit in Paint –  super simple graphic program and printing the whole sentence and bunch of name signatures.

“Thank you for this year and for the common days during which we explored the world together”

Frame with butterflies

The last step crowning the work is to stick the butterflies on the frame.

First, arrange the placement of the butterflies on the frame. A lot depends on the number of butterflies. I had 25, which made my symmetrical arrangement difficult. After many tricks, I decided on a version with an empty right bottom corner, in which I finally placed the kids’ signatures.

Butterflies outline

Once you’ve developed the layout, go to sticking the butterflies. Again you have 2 options: 2D and 3D frame. In the 3D option there is an additional step in which the butterfly wings should be bent along the torso and the double-sided tape should be put on the torso.

Then attach the butterflies and, if necessary, wishes and signatures.


The frame is ready 🙂

If you need more frames, follow the same instruction for the others. I prepared 3 frames.

Inspiration found on Pinterest.

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