Pom pom cloud

Pom pom cloud

I love pom poms, although until now I’ve been working in a micro scale. However, the time has come for something bigger and more impressive. Here is the pom pom cloud, a cute decoration for the baby’s room. It consists of 30 pompoms in various sizes and colors.

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  • Yarn – for my cloud I used 4 white, 2 pink and 2 gray yarns.
  • Pom pom makers or a cardboard horseshoe, depending on which method you choose to produce pom poms. As a reminder, you will find instructions here.
  • Plexiglas – I used a piece of plexiglas, which was left after the frame with butterflies. It is not an easy material to work with because it often cracks. I wanted the base to be transparent. Next time I’ll think about using something else.
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Drill (optional) – you need something to make holes in the base of the cloud
  • Glue (optional) – I had to use it because my pom poms did not want to adhere to each other and holes were visible
Supplies for pom pom cloud

Making pom poms

You can find the instructions for making pompoms here. I used pom poms of various sizes and colors. However, it depends on your idea for a cloud. They may as well be pom poms in one size and color.

Making the pom pom cloud

  • Start with the pom poms layout.
Cloud trial layout
  • Once you find the perfect layout, trace it on Plexiglas.
  • Cut out the cloud shape. Make it slightly smaller than the outline, so that the base can not be seen in the final product.
Cloud outline cut off from plexiglass
  • Mark on the Plexiglas place for pom poms and make holes. I decided to drill. It was not easy because with more pressure the Plexiglas was breaking, and with less the holes were too small. I decided that a few microcracks will not hurt.
Drilling holes in plexiglass

Start attaching the pom poms to the base. Tie your pom poms together on the back.

  • Continue to fill the entire cloud.
  • Cut off unnecessary threads.
Attaching the pompoms - rear view
  • If, like me, you have spaces between the pom poms, then glue the pom poms together. It seems to me that the best is hot glue, however I decided to use regular universal glue.
  • Pin pom poms together and let the glue dry.
Sticking pom poms
  • Cut off unruly and protruding threads.
  • Attach hanging pom poms that imitate droplets.
  • At the end, attach the hanger.
  • The pompon cloud is ready!
Pom pom cloud

Inspiration found on Pinterest.

If you are looking for more ideas for using pom poms, you will find them in the Decorations section.

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