DIY teacher gift – ideas and tutorials

DIY teacher gift – ideas and tutorials

The end of the school year is approaching, so does the question of how to thank the teachers for their year-long work. Of course, it’s best to make the DIY teacher gift so that every child can contribute.

We present our tested ideas for a DIY teacher gift with detailed tutorials.

  1. Frame with butterflies
  2. Cards with drawings
  3. Paper tulips bouquet
  4. Floral mosaic
  5. Mug with kids’ drawings
  6. Handprint flower

1. Frame with butterflies

The frame with butterflies is an idea for an original gift that every child participates in. Each child has his or her own butterfly, a word from the wishes and the name.

2. Personalized cards with kids’ drawings ideal as digital DIY teacher gift

Personalized cards with freehand drawings are ideal in the era of online classes.

It is enough for everyone to send their work in a digital version. Then you need to combine them all in the photo editing program, but you can succeed even with the popular Paint. Such work can be printed or sent by email.

Here you can find detail tutorial on the example of butterflies.

3. Paper tulips bouquet

Another idea is the paper tulip bouquet that will replace traditional flowers in an original way.

4. Floral mosaic as DIY teacher gift

The floral mosaic is easy to make for both kids and the person completing the project. In addition, it can be made in digital form just like cards with butterflies.

5. Personalized teacher gift – mug and bag with kids drawings

The bag and the mug with kids drawings and signatures is a nice idea for the personalized teacher gift. Especially in the early stages of education, when children are just learning to write, you can see how much work they put in and how they develop. There is space for each child on the bag and the mug.

6. Awesome handprint flower for a teacher

Next idea is a huge handprint flower, where each petal corresponds to other kid.

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